Monday, February 14, 2011

Melts My Heart

I woke up this am not so much in a loving mood. I have been working late a lot and poor Francie has had a horrific cough for the last few weeks and she has not slept well. Tired, slightly overwhelmed pregnant lady = grouchy.

Henry on the other hand woke up SO EXCITED about Valentines day. This was the first year he made valentines and he made one for everyone in the class - two in fact - a set for the "girls" and a set for the boys.

My day included a lot of waiting and driving -- which further added to my wonderfully chipper mood. When I finally got to open gym with Francie, I had to answer a call for work and a woman watched me the whole time and when I got off, told me she was worried about the health of my baby with my cell phone usage (mind you - don't know this woman). Seriously. No joke...this is Portland.

Henry's class had a Valentine's day party...but I had to miss it as it was during Francie's nap and I had no one to help. Pity party for is so rough right? (It is ok -- I realize I sound super pathetic and looking back I want to tell me to get over myself).

And then Henry came home. He walked off the bus BEAMING with his box of valentines. When we got inside, he rushed to hand me mine and this is what I opened. I honestly didn't think that I could love the kid more or love being a parent more....but my heart just melted and I cried on the spot. I can't believe my little boy has grown big enough to actually write a loving note to his mom and dad. The "hand" on the front of the card is sign language for "I love you".

The day...instantly turned to good. I am so blessed to be in such a loving family.