Sunday, October 10, 2010

Marathon Mark!!

Mark did it!!! He finished the Portland Marathon in 3:49. He did so well -- it was just awesome. I cried when I saw him come through the finish line -- so many hours he put in training. He did it! The picture of him, in the dark, in the rain, was the start...BRUTAL. But he did it - the first Reuland to run a a marathon. The only bummer is that we missed getting the "money" family shot at the finish as it was POURING rain and the kids were officially done before Mark finished. Way to go Markie!.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Grammy Kris Arrives

Grammy Kris is in town to watch Mark do his first marathon. The kids are beyond ecstatic. From reading, to playing soccer, to walking around town --they are keeping Grammy Kris VERY busy. Today we went to the Portland Nursery Apple Tasting festival. AWESOME. They have a scavenger hunt throughout the magical nursery, pumpkin painting, and apple tasting. We tasted over 30 different kinds of apples and Henry declared he "loved, loved, loved, loved" about 15. Helpful.

Run in Cannon Beach

Mark had the great idea to do a 10K run in Cannon Beach. On the way there I asked where the course was in town...and then found out it was on the beach. Running on the beach is awesome....except when you are pushing nearly 90 lbs of kid in the stroller. Wowzers. Mark did most of the hard work and then I got the glory of the astonished cheers when we ran back on the road. The kids fell asleep the last mile...nothing like a jog to put you to sleep. Above are the "after" and "before" pictures.

Soccer - Ole Ole

Henry officially started soccer and Mark officially started being a coach. The whole thing is classic. I gotta say, there is nothing sweeter than seeing your cute husband and cute son out on the field together. To help Mark with his coaching duties, Henry made sure to bring his Dora the Explorer whistle. See above. So official.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Prayers and Support for Makenzie

Over the years on this blog you have no doubt heard about my good friend Erin Shirey. I met Erin when I went to her Baby Bootcamp Class when Henry was six weeks old and we have been close friends ever since.

Last Weds night Erin was up visiting (she lives in Alameda now) and she took me out for my birthday. We had an amazing time -- giggled the whole night and were so in our "zone" that the waitress gave us free champagne as she said we had made her day. She said she was in a bad mood until she saw the two of us together.

The following day Erin flew back to Alameda and her whole world changed. When she got home, she found her daughter Makenzie incredibly sick and unable to recognize her.

Makenzie is now in the ICU at Oakland Children’s Hospital (has been for the last 8 days) and has acute pancreatitis and many other issues severely compromising her health.

Because I believe in the power of prayer and intentional thought, I am asking that you - my family and friends - please send them to this amazing little girl and to her precious family that I so adore.

Also, they don't think that Makenzie will be out of the hospital until Thanksgiving at the earliest and therefore Erin is unable to work. As the owner of her own personal training company, this comprises them financially.

A bank account has been set up to send money. If you can donate anything - even $5.00 - please do as we are hoping that if all her friends get the word out, that it will add up...little by little.

Send donations to:

Makenzie Shirey Benefit

c/o Bank of Alameda

1416 Park Street

Aameda, CA 94501