Sunday, March 19, 2017

Soaking in the Sun

With the weather so nice, we decided to boycott the temptation to stay in and watch March Madness and forced the kids to go on a hike to Pittock Mansion...even though post-Shamrock Run Mark wanted to sleep. SO glad we did -- so amazingly beautiful.

Then, I took the girls window shopping on NW 23rd. Those two can be hilarious together. They giggle they entire much so that people giggle around them because it is contagious...and they get all together silly. See photos below. Of course...there is always the contrast...on the way home Frances touched Maggie's bike in the back and she hit her...I chose to focus on the giggles from earlier in the day....serenity now.

Shamrock Run 2017

Mark and I had NOT prepared for the Shamrock Run. It has been a rough winter with very hard and consistent rain and our weekends have been jam packed with two kids having basketball tournaments all weekend, sometimes with 10 games in one weekend, and Miss Maggie having her turn. So...even though we were NOT prepared...we decided to just go for it. SO HAPPY we did. I honestly think it was my favorite Shamrock Run. They changed the course and I loved the new one. Best of all - it was GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! It was just all around fantastic. I love the race, I love the people in the race, and I love Portland on the day of the race.


Mark turned 42 on the night of the  banquet. Party.

We came home and celebrated with a very small cake...we were all full from the banquet...and an assortment of birthday beer from his favorite brewery in Hood River -Pfrem. I must say, I think he is rocking his 40s. He is pretty darn awesome.

2017 Basketball Banquet

We had our annual basketball banquet. It was Frances's first time attending the banquet as a player. Amazingly she got bright red being acknowledge on the stage in front of everyone. Put on the free throw line with 2 seconds left...she is fine. Call her out in front of a crowd in regular clothes...or in a dress...she turns bright red. Both kids had wonderful team and wonderful coaches. We very, very lucky to have had the positive experiences we did this year.  Henry's coach required ties again and my dad was at the house and helped me prepare. It makes me emotional every time I watch him help Henry get ready. My kids are so lucky to have all four grandparents still in their lives and to have such amazing relationships with each.

March 6th....SNOW

March 6th...and it snowed...and we had to use chains to get the kids to school. NO. JOKE. Spring needs to come. 

Astoria Tournament

Henry had a tournament in Astoria. We hadn't been to the beach since New Years Eve and we needed a family get away...even if it was just for a night. It turned out to be quite an adventure with snow on the coast -- first I have ever seen. While they lost a few tough ones, it was a fun bonding event and I love any and every minute we can get in Manzanita and along the coast.

2017 Timbers Season Opener

One of my favorite nights is opening night for the Timbers. Mark and I love the energy and the feeling in the stadium. It is really a wonderful & unique experience.