Sunday, September 20, 2015

Bridge of Goddess 2015

I was able to do the Bridge of the Goddess Half Marathon again this fall. It is such a great race -- stunning and amazing views, a wonderful group of women that cheers each other on.......... and it is really there are a lot of hills. This year was just as fun, although harder as I didn't have my sister next to me talking me through the hills and the whole feeling of wanting to vomit :) My dad came and cheered me on -- broken knee cap and all. 


Swifts 2015

We did our annual trek to Chapman. This year we even found a new place to park that is super secret. The Watsons and the Bakers met us as it was as wonderful as ever. This year Henry set up a "conditioning" set so that he could get some training in while he watched the birds -- folks, things are getting serious. 

And the activities are getting more complicated

The third avoid scheduling activities for them as you are so busy driving to all the activities for the older two. That said, we decided we had to let Maggie have at least one activity outside of school.....and she picked ballet.....lord help me. Thankfully, she is so stinkin cute about the whole thing I could not stop smiling.....but then we had to run to two soccer games.

Labor Day 2015

We managed to get down to Manzanita for Labor Day after soccer games on Saturday. Maggie rode a trailer bike for the first time, and pretty much thinks she is ready for Tour de France.

Maggie's First Day of School

Miss Maggie also had her first day of preschool. She is a new class that has some old friends and new kids. She also got the teachers she had last year - which made me smile from ear to ear.  It is going to be a great year. They made a new poster in the hallway, that had one of my favorite Maggie's sayings...."As fast as an elephant".

First Day of School 2015- Last Time Together Until High School

Henry and Frances had their first day of school for 2015. When went to take our annual picture, out front of the school, I all of a sudden got very emotional as this was the last time they will be in school together.....until high school. YOWZERS. Time is fricken flying. Henry was very excited to be part of the first crew to have the honor of Safety Duty. Nothing like the responsibility of directing traffic.....apparently he also added in a lot of waves to parents and a "five" signs to fellow fifth graders.....kid is getting spunky.

Meeting the Thorns

The kids are part of the Little Timbers/Thorns Fan Club. Every year they have an annual event that you get to meet a couple of players. This year, they had the event around a Thorns practice. You got to get ANYTHING from the concession stand and watch the practice, which of course my soccer crazed kids. Henry and Frances were studying the drills and Henry was comparing it to his club team drills. Pretty funny. But the end....they had all the fans line up around the field and they were able to get signatures....FROM THE WHOLE TEAM!!!!!! This is a pretty big deal as there are a number of players who played in the World Cup on the team -- and we were slightly obsessed with the World Cup games. To say we were all extremely excited is an understatement. 

Last Beach Trip Before School Starts

School started BEFORE Labor Day this we made ONE more trip down there to close out the summer. Thankfully the weather was stunning and it bliss....until we had to come home.