Friday, August 30, 2013


We are in the interesting mix of being sad that we are will not have another baby and that Maggie is growing up so much with also LOVING how much fun, in a different way, our children are as they get bigger. Maggie is just a joy to be around and the expressions and thoughts that come out of her mouth astound me every day. With Henry and Frances we are entering that stage where we get to do things together, as a family, that are not just kid centric.

Last night we went to see Tegan and Sarah and FUN. FUN is Henry's FAVORITE band. BY FAR. We had the best time. Even with it raining at times, we loved every moment. It was so fun to see Henry beyond excited to enjoy a band together and rock out together. Pretty awesome parenting night that resulted in my cheeks hurting from smiling so much. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Lovely Lake and Swimming

This year the kids were old enough to rent canoes. I forget out how peaceful and awesome it is to be out on water. We also discovered the Maggie is a FEARLESS water baby. Like scary.... like jumps in full force. Pay back from when I was little.

Back in the Golfing Saddle

Although I have hit balls at the driving range, I have not golfed on a course since my brother died.  Well - back in the saddle the best way possible, by golfing with my dad, Mark and Henry. We had the best time.

Scout Lake

Another favorite memory was going to Scout Lake. We would push a log and pretend it was a boat, my dad spinning it to get it us off and swing off the rope swing. We went back and sadly there was a horribly forest fire that killed many of the trees. That said, the lake is still  magical and there are still logs to spur a child's imagination.

Black Butte Summit

When we were little my dad made us hike the mountain every year. I am sure I complained, by memory is that I loved it (my dad's...a little different).  His girls were VERY excited to do the hike again and most of our kids were NOT very excited, except for Billy and James. So - we left them behind :)

Black Butte Revisted

When I was a kid we used to go to Black Butte every year, the 2nd week of August. It was always my parents anniversary week and many of my favorite summertime memories are from there. Last year Jenny and I went back and loved it and this year we got my sister Katie and her family to come and my parents. The trip was a bit different than we expected as my mom broke her leg in the Galapagos and is confined to a wheelchair. Not exactly the vision of being "on wheels" she expected, given she thought she would be riding bikes with all nine of her grandkids. The kids LOVED being with their cousins for seven days straight and I loved watching them in heaven, savoring the joys Black Butte, in the same exact way that I did when I was there age.

Friday, August 9, 2013

WA Park Concerts

You ready for it.... another one of my favorite things is the free concerts in Washington Park. This year went to a concert that innovative ballet -- right up Frances's alley. She wore a golf shirt and sports shorts to show her support. All kidding aside...I thought it was super cool...the kids were just happy to run around the park...until they got yelled at by a park official. Oopsies. Frances saw two kids from preschool and was in her ZONE. So fun. Brookie and Josh and sweet Oskie came too -- sweetened the night. My kids managed to leave the FILTHIEST concert goers in the crowd.  The picture below if of Henry and Frances watching the scene that is above....cracked me up.