Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pug Fest 2013

We have no idea why we love it so, especially since we don't have one, but we LOVE the PugFest at Widmer brewing company. Mark....not so much. This year we decided to let him go for a run while we giggled (ok, I snorted...louder than the pug) at all the costumes. Afterwards we stalked all the dogs and the kids got some sweet shades from Pemco Pet Insurance.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bonkers -- His Acting Debut!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not a crafty-mom failure!!!!!!! Every year Henry's school brings out an author.  The librarian (who ROCKS) orchestrates a play based on the author's books. This year Henry was selected to have a role....with speaking parts. HOLLA.  Parents also had to make their costume....ummm....... Well - we both pulled it off. Henry didn't look like a fool and his acting was SUPERB. SO, SO, SO, SO much fun. The author (Emily Jenkins) also rocked. She was very inspirational and approachable for the kiddos.  Sorry the last one is so fuzzy - but I had to take a shot of him taking in the cheers!

Date with His Teacher

At the school auction I bought a "date" with Henry's teacher for him and a friend. They got to go on a hike in Forest Park and then for fries and a shake at the local burger joint. Do you remember the awe and fascination of seeing your teacher outside the classroom. When I picked up Henry and his friend they were BEAMING. So cute.

The Originals Weekend

When I received the invitation to my cousin's wedding in Sedona I thought it looked very cool. Then my mom told me that he had mentioned he really wanted our family - the Peck family- to be there.  Then my mom did something she has never done - she asked her girls if we would be willing to leave our husbands and family behind and spend a weekend with our parents. Um....YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Since my brother died, my mom has refused to take a picture of just our family as it was too painful to do without Andrew. Well....we had the MOST amazing "original" family weekend and had the best time with the Haderlein family and cousins. I feel so so so so blessed to have the family that I do and the cousins that I do. They are incredible people. We dominated the dance floor. I had THE BEST time with my sisters - they are just so cool. The the "grills" - as Andrew used to say - also loved being with our "mommy and daddy".  My dad got teary eyed when our plane landed in PDX and said "I loved a weekend being a family again". Sniffle sniffle.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

First Communion for Henry

Today was a big day for Henry. He had his first communion. I remember how important and magical First Communion felt for me...none of the details, but I remember my dress and how important I felt receiving the eucharist. Turns out, my first communion was in the same church as where Henry had his today. 

The church did a wonderful job. We really adore the priest. He is very down to earth and gives practical, heart felt sermons.  He is very sincere and approachable and genuinely enthusiastic. I have to admit that I got very emotional for Henry. I was so proud of him and he was so proud of himself.

We were lucky enough to have my parents and Gordon there to help celebrate. He also had his best friend Jack and Jack's wonderful family.

A really, really great day.