Monday, July 23, 2012

Terwilliger Centennial Race

Colleen, Henry and Frances participated in the Terwilliger Parkway Centenial Race on Sunday. Colleen ran the 10k and got a silver medal! The kids were very impressed. Henry and Frances ran the kids 1K. They both ran really hard. Frances was so excited to run the race with her big brother.

Friday, July 20, 2012

I wonder.....

Frances and Henry's "creation".......Hmm....I wonder if the their dad is an engineer.......

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Plate and Pitchfork 2012

As most of our friends know, Plate and Pitchfork is one of our FAVORITE things about summer in PDX. This year we went with the parents of Henry's best friend....Henry...hilarious. We woke to rain this morning and I worried the night would be ruined, but it all turned out great. The chefs were from St. Jack and Gruner and the food was AWESOME. One course was all meat -- pork chops and lots of sausages...and well.....we all know how I feel about my meat....

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Golfing with Grammy


Grammy Kris loves golfing....Grammy kris loves her grandkids....we combined the two. Henry is really into golf this summer and so, of course, Frances wants to be into golf. We went and bought Frances her first clubs out Golf World....her comes Francie. Hilarious.

Sunset at the Zoo with Grammy Kris

Warm summer nights in Portland are PURE bliss....especially when they are at the zoo. This year, the zoo started these "Sunset at the Zoo" activities that proceed the Weds night concerts. It is awesome. Lots of stuff for the kids (face painting, puppet shows, bands throughout the exhibits). We took Grammy Kris and it was one of those moments that you think you are exactly where you are meant to be in your life......until Maggie cried the whole way home as we had over-extended her bed time. Oopsies.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July

This fourth of July was pretty much as good as it gets....perfect weather, BFF in town, my parents ended up making it, and spending the time at the beach. The parade was pretty rockin and Frances and Henry mastered the art of catching candy. Frances kept yelling "I'm open", with arms open for a catch. Maggie watched it all...quite intently....and plans to show her "A" game next year. For now, she liked the dogs in the parade the most.  Mark, my dad and I took H and F down to the beach for the fireworks while my mom stayed with a sleeping Maggie.  Henry made Papa throw the football about 100 times (he is worse than a golden retriever) and Frances was really excited....until the noise from the fireworks started. She said they were amazing and special, to plugging her ears, to falling asleep. I ended up carrying her home.  When we got home, Grandma asked how the firework were and she replied "good, and bad". Classic Frances. 

Baby Cuz....

Brookie and sweet Oscar spent time with us at the beach too....the kids and I am love.....he is seriously such an adorable little boy.  Brookie and I are already planting the seed in Maggie and Oscar's brains that they are soul mates.....we will see how it goes.

Beach Babes

After having to work a lot in the last month, I took off work and headed to the beach early with the kids. 100% worth it.